Cornelius Gurlitt

Cornelius Gurlitt (1932-2014) was the son of Hildebrand Gurlitt, an art dealer and former director of the museum in Zwickau who was given the task of selling 'degenerate art' from German museums during the Nazi era.

Cornelius Gurlitt kept an extraordinary collection of pictures in his apartment in Munich which was discovered as a result of a tax investigation in 2012.

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Liebermann restituted from Gurlitt cache comes to auction

04 June 2015

Max Liebermann’s ‘Zwei Reiter am Strand nach links’ (Two Riders on a Beach) has become the first painting to be sold from Cornelius Gurlitt’s hoard of art.

Doubts rise over Munich art hoard returns

04 December 2013

Statute of limitations laws may prevent previous owners successfully reclaiming art acquired during the Nazi purge of the late 1930s that was hoarded in a Munich flat.

Debate over status of €1bn Munich art cache

11 November 2013

Details are slowly emerging regarding the discovery in Munich some two years ago of an extraordinary cache of art with a Nazi era provenance.