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Sotheby’s acquire art advisors AAP

18 January 2016

The competition between auction houses to expand their private sales operations took a new twist with the announcement last week that Sotheby’s had bought art advisory firm Art Agency, Partners (AAP).

Sir Norman Rosenthal on the trade

05 October 2015

Sir Norman Rosenthal, one of the art world’s best known historians and curators, has described the trade side of the business as “a huge mechanism for preserving knowledge and value”.

Chief executive of Sotheby’s France Guillaume Cerutti to join Christie’s

17 August 2015

Guillaume Cerutti, chief executive of Sotheby’s France and European deputy chairman, is to leave and join Christie’s as president for London, Continental Europe, the Middle East, Russia and India.

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Matthew Girling assumes global role at Bonhams

11 August 2015

Bonhams have announced changes in their senior management structure.

Goodman and de Pury launch web-only auctions with promises to keep down fees

23 June 2015

Two senior members of the international auctioneering profession launch separate online-only ventures this week.

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Liebermann restituted from Gurlitt cache comes to auction

04 June 2015

Max Liebermann’s ‘Zwei Reiter am Strand nach links’ (Two Riders on a Beach) has become the first painting to be sold from Cornelius Gurlitt’s hoard of art.

Tad Smith gives clues on Sotheby’s future

26 May 2015

Sotheby’s latest set of results give the first indication of how Tad Smith will direct the company.

Sotheby’s former owner Alfred Taubman dies aged 91

20 April 2015

Former owner of Sotheby’s A. Alfred Taubman – and central figure in the auction price-fixing scandal – has died aged 91.

Sotheby's name Tad Smith as new president and CEO

16 March 2015

Sotheby’s have appointed Tad Smith, aged 49, as president and chief executive officer, effective March 31, 2015.

Ruprecht's passing at Sotheby's is the harbinger of something much bigger

21 November 2014

COMMENT: As the saying goes, turnover is vanity, profit is sanity. Hold that thought as you consider the announcement that Bill Ruprecht is to stand down as CEO of Sotheby’s after nearly 15 years.

Sotheby’s look for new CEO as Ruprecht quits

21 November 2014

BILL Ruprecht is to stand down as chief executive, chairman and president of Sotheby’s as soon as they find a replacement.

World's top collector dies aged 48

10 November 2014

Sheikh Saud bin Mohammed Al-Thani, once considered the world’s biggest art collector, died at his London home on November 9 aged 48.

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Falcon swoop for art loan market

24 October 2014

Simon de Pury took to the podium at the top of London landmark the Gherkin to launch Falcon Fine Art on October 13.

Is this a record for the slowest selling lot ever?

30 June 2014

Auctioneer Richard Madley believes he may have set a record for the longest time ever taken to sell a single lot.

Lesters launch joint venture with Stabilo

23 June 2014

Fair organisers David and Lee Ann Lester of IFAE of Miami, Florida, and Harry Vander Hoorn, second-generation owner of the Dutch stand builders StabiloWorld and partner in Masterpiece London, have formed a new company, Next Level Global Fairs, LLC.

Minister to headline new art trade forum

16 June 2014

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey is to headline the first Art Business Conference, a new event scheduled for September 4 in London that will tackle key issues for trade professionals.

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Art gets its own national private eye on the internet

19 May 2014

Public collections in need of information about their oil paintings can be connected with specialists and members of the public with relevant knowledge thanks to a scheme called Art Detective.

Dolman to take over as chairman and CEO at Phillips

28 April 2014

Christie's former chief executive Edward Dolman is to become chairman and chief executive officer of Phillips this summer.

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Northumberland is a fair favourite venue

21 February 2014

Six years ago, Ingrid Nilson of The Antiques Dealers Fair Limited held her first ‘Luxury Antiques Weekend’ in Northumberland, at Linden Hall Hotel Golf & Country Club near Morpeth.

$300m dividend as Sotheby’s shareholder power hits home

05 February 2014

Sotheby’s board have acted to fend off criticism from shareholders led by hedge fund billionaire Daniel Loeb by saying they will issue a $300m special dividend in March.