Endangered Species

Regulations for the trade in endangered species are controlled by the United Nations’ Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES).

This covers items from ivory, rhino horn, tortoiseshell, taxidermy items and certain types of wood whether they comprise the whole or part of the object.

Hong Kong to bring new rules on ivory

21 January 2016

Hong Kong is to tighten its rules on ivory.

California collectors take on the state over ivory ban

15 January 2016

Ivory collectors in California are suing the state in the hope of overturning restrictive legislation that comes in to force on July 1 this year.

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Narwhal tusk returned by Border Force

08 December 2015

An antique narwhal tusk that faced destruction following a dispute over paperwork has been returned to its owner after a judge ruled its confiscation by customs had been “unreasonable”.

Ivory research project launched

03 December 2015

Senior figures from both UK dealing associations gave an impassioned defence of the antiques trade as a project seeking to gauge the impact of a ban on the sale of ivory works of art was launched in Westminster last week.

Research project begins into effect of total ivory ban in the UK

20 November 2015

Stakeholders in the art market are being asked to participate in a project seeking to gauge the effect of a total ban on the sale of ivory works of art in the UK.

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Customs return ivories to London dealer after three-year battle

12 November 2015

Following a long legal battle, London dealer Joost van den Bergh has successfully overturned a controversial customs decision to seize three rare 17th century ivories.

Dealer backs move to change US ivory trade ban

27 July 2015

A London dealer has welcomed a new wide-ranging bill aimed at amending the law passed in the US last year banning the commercial trade in elephant ivory.


Lawyer slams DEFRA over CITES chaos

01 July 2015

A leading CITES lawyer has criticised DEFRA’s “wholesale failure” to alert the public to law changes, after a court fined a jeweller £2000 for selling antique tiger claw pendants.

Regulations on tiger parts

29 June 2015

The law on tiger jewellery is frequently flouted. Last week on eBay – a site that operates a ban on antique ivory – several items of big cat jewellery were on sale from UK vendors.

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Chiparus’ Queen of Babylon shines once more

29 June 2015

“The ivory ban has been a right old dampener on the market as a whole but after taking time to consider its implications, collectors are coming back.”

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Elephant hopes rest on Rego

21 May 2015

This print ‘Unhappy Courtship’ by Dame Paula Rego (b.1935) is estimated at £2000-3000 at a charity sale being conducted by Roseberys.

‘UK ivory ban would destroy my business’

05 May 2015

A leading dealer in Japanese works of art says he will go out of business if sales of ivory in the UK are banned.

Tories pledge total ban on trade in ivory

27 April 2015

The Conservative Party Manifesto pledges to “press for a total ban on ivory sales” despite recent assurances from the Government that they would not damage the legitimate antiques trade.

Connecticut considers total ivory ban

08 April 2015

Antique dealers, collectors, auctioneers and museum representatives gathered in Connecticut last month to oppose a bill seeking a total and uncompromising ban on the sale of ivory.

Florida auctioneer faces $1.5m and jail over illegal rhino horn

02 February 2015

The owner of leading south Florida auction house Elite Decorative Arts has pleaded guilty to wildlife trafficking and agreed to a fine of $1.5m.

New York to permit trade in ivory miniatures

17 December 2014

Guidance issued this month by the authorities charged with implementing New York’s latest ivory laws has offered a few crumbs of comfort to art dealers and owners of antique ivory works of art.


Asking Portobello dealer to prove age of ivory carving is “a bridge too far” says judge

25 November 2014

A Portobello Road dealer, charged with the sale of an ivory carving police believed had contravened CITES rules, has won her case after a judge said it was up to the Crown to prove its age.


Auction house charged over ivory sale

08 September 2014

A West London auction house is facing court, charged with the sale of a modern elephant ivory carving under the Control of Trade in Endangered Species (Enforcement) (CITES) Regulations 1997.

Met Police wildlife unit joins ivory debate with appeal

16 July 2014

In the wake of calls for the destruction of antique ivory, The Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit is asking Londoners to bring in ‘family heirlooms’ made from elephant ivory and other endangered species.

Antiques Roadshow reins in ivory coverage

16 July 2014

The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow will show fewer ivory objects in future programmes, but has stopped short of banning the valuation of antique ivory on screen.